Where are the dirty dishes???

If clutter can trigger us to consume more calories than we would in a tidy space , how can we design clever kitchens that hide the mess.

If Clutter can trigger binge eating (Ref: Hoarding and eating pathology: the mediating role of emotion regulation (2014)   Amanda M Raines , Joseph W Boffa , Nicholas P Allan , Nicole A Short , Norman B Schmidt) how can we keep a kitchen clutter free??

Back of house (BOH) kitchens are a staple design consideration whilst designing high end properties. This is where the caterers can work out of sight whilst the host can focus on entertaining in their tidy front of house kitchen. Whilst we often lack the space to install a BOH, we can still hide the messy work by careful kitchen planning and design. The video shows a simple stud partition at the peninsula unit (Front of house) which conceals the BOH sink, bins and dishwasher behind. Happy days... No visual clutter – and hopefully no bingeing!