Top wellness kitchen trends for 2021

As designers we need to look beyond aesthetics and consider how our clients will use and feel in a space.

If we can also use design to encourage healthy choices and to increase people’s wellbeing then we are doing our job right! So here are my top Wellness kitchen trends for 2021.

No. 1. Island units with built-in planters

Not only a beautiful way to design a kitchen unit but follows biophilic and nudge design principles.

No 2. Hydroponic kitchen garden

Grow leaves and herbs conveniently using indoor hydroponic soil free growing systems with built in LED and irrigation.

No. 3. Linear trough sink

A second sink designed for storing potted herbs (easy to water due to waste outlet) or used for food prep. Add an insinkerator waste disposal unit and you have a handy composter.

No 4. Automated composting / food recycling

Make fertiliser and eliminate smells all the while making food for your plants.

No 5. Designing for Social connection

Create multiple spaces for inclusive food preparation for all generations, meaning that from the youngest to the eldest there is somewhere easily accessible for them to be to be involved. Multi-height counters are a great start.

No 6. Nudge design

Designing visual triggers to encourage better habits and reduce the effort to make the right choice. For example, locate healthy foods / fresh foods visible at eye level (glass doors) and easily accessible

No 7. Natural materials

Take a tip from the biophilic experts and use natural materials to connect us with nature and enhance how we feel in the space.

No. 8 Hands free taps

Even in a Covid free world, touch activated taps will still be a handy and hygienic addition to any home.

Image courtesy of Balanced home balanced life