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Top Interior design trends of 2022

Check out our predictions for the top 10 Interior design trends of 2022 - Natural materials, textured wall finishes, oversized plants, earthy colour schemes, curved furniture and decor and a focus on sleep.

Top 10 Interior trends for 2022

1. Natural Imperfection:

2022 looks set to embrace all that is natural, organic and raw. Think Wabi Sabi – The Japanese aesthetic that celebrates imperfection and authenticity – in the use of rough edges, asymmetry, textured fabrics, natural weaves and materials.

2. Textured wall finishes:

More sophisticated than the 90’s faux wall finishes and reminiscent of Moroccan Tadelakt, textured wall finishes and decorative paint finishes mimicking old flaking plaster are back in a big way. Chalk and lime based paints will increase in popularity – not only for the decorative effects that can be achieved but also for their low VOC ratings that help to improve indoor air quality.

3. Earthy colour schemes:

Greens and earthy tones will dominate colour schemes this year. Research shows that natural colour schemes and organic forms like those found in nature reduce stress, lower blood pressure and heart rate, increase productivity and creativity, and can make us feel happier.

4. Natural materials and fabrics:

Biophilic interiors are likely to continue increasing in popularity and we will see the use of natural materials (or imitations of) such as stone, oxidized metals, wood, and clay, as well as soft materials like linen, leather, suede, and brushed pile fabrics as key elements in interiors.

5. Curved furniture:

Curved sofas, rounded chairs and bedheads are gaining in popularity, and for good reason. It has been shown that rounded decor encourages more brain activity compared to a space with boxy furniture. Rounded furniture is also perceived as more relaxed, peaceful and calm than hard lined pieces.

6. Oversized plants:

Biophilic design needs to engage all the senses, so we can’t forget the humble indoor plant. However this year, having benefitted from two years of home care during pandemic, expect to see larger indoor plants or indoor trees rise in popularity. Not only do we benefit from the visual nature connection but also the olfactory – think forest bathing at home!

7. Wall panelling and murals:

We know that an ongoing connection with nature improves how we feel in a space and that we respond positively to shadows, textures, natural patterns and movement in our surroundings. We can mimic shadows and depth with timber wall panelling (floor to ceiling) and imitate nature with life-size murals (paint or wallpaper).

8. Scent:

The use of natural oils and atomisers in the home and workplace is on the rise. Especially the use of forest scents which will rise in popularity due to the positive impact they have on our mood and focus.

9. Active (nudge) design:

We spend 90% of our time indoors and according to decades of research regular movement is crucial to our health. With the loss of the daily commute, trips to the water cooler, physical meetings and many other work/office opportunities for movement throughout the working day we need to look at alternative ways of designing our spaces to constantly nudge us into moving. One example is to store everyday items at a low level affording the opportunity to do a squat or two a few times a day – beats going to the gym!

10. Sleep focussed design:

Sleep deprivation has been linked to developing heart disease, high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, weight gain and increased irritability. What better reasons to take bedroom design seriously. Bedrooms should be dark and clutter-free so that we can shed the day and prepare to sleep. Think oversized bedside lockers, layered lighting and wardrobes/clothes out of sight if possible. Painted woodwork, walls and ceiling in one colour also helps minimise visual fatigue.


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Pinterest - Top 50 Best textured Wall ideas

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