Designing Healthy Spaces - Biophilic Design

Emma guest lectures to 3rd year Interior Architecture students in Dublin on how to design healthy spaces using the 14 patterns of Biophilic design. 

70% of our health and longevity is determined by our health behaviours and physical environment.

As interior designers,we can be  be part of the solution. because we have the opportunity to manipulate the built environment in order to positively impact on our health and behaviour and to  mitigate against the negative health impacts.

We spend 90 percent of our lives indoors, cut off from the natural systems we evolved from, it is no surprise that the primitive parts of our brain crave a reconnection with nature. Biophilic interior design aims at creating a connection with nature in man-made environments, and has proven benefits, including reducing anxiety and promoting productivity. It’s more than just bringing the outside in though; it’s about nature in all its guises, including natural light, the air we breath, views on nature, plants, natural materials, textures and patterns